Ox Cattle Cow Gallstones Buyer in Cyprus

South african Ox gallstonesOur company Cheong Hing Trading Co. is Cyprus biggest buyer and collector of natural Ox gallstones also known as Cattle Gallstones, Cow Bezoar, Calculus bovis, Bovine Gallstones, Niu Huang.

Due to Covid-19 and restrictions in receiving parcels in Hongkong. We have partenered with the French Company to receive Ox gallstones from Cyprus.

We offer market price or international price of Ox gallstones to all our suppliers from below regions in Cyprus.

Ammochostos, Pafos, Lefkosia, Limassol, Larnaka, Keryneia

Click the “Member’s area” then “register” or click “Sign up!“. Fill in your personal details. After sign up you will be able to check current price and chat with us on Whatsapp.

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Our office is located in the heart of the Ox Gallstones World Market in Hongkong and our partner office is located in France.

We supply our gallstones directly to the biggest manufacturers of Chinese traditional medicine in mainland China, Hongkong and France.

Due to this fact our buying price is unbeatable!

Cyprus Ox Cow Gallstones price per Gram or per Kg Today

How to check Today’s price of Gallstones in China?

Go to http://www1.zgycsc.com/price/html/nid/461.html on top of the page you will see Ox gallstones retail price per kg in Chinese Yuan.

This is retail price of Ox gallstones sold to final consumer. We are buying at around 80-95% of that price depending on the quality of your Ox Gallstones.

Ox gallstones price per Kg

You need to convert the above price from Chinese Yuan to US$ or you currency.

Roughly 1 USD = 6.82 Chinese Yuan. Check correct currency conversion here.

For example as per above retail price 400,000/6.82 = US$58,651/Kg

To get the price we are willing to pay you for “Quality Gallstones”.

US$58,651 * 95% = US$55,718/Kg or US$55/Gram

Once you have a discussion with us you can compare our buying price to that of the other buyers and for sure no one will beat us!

We are capable of buying any quantity at any time!

The Ox gallstones market is one of those rare market where demand has never been met.

We have been in this business for more than 30 years.

Ox gallstones is our bread and butter business. We know the ins and out of this business.

We have suppliers from all regions in Cyprus supplying us since many years ago. Looking to buy yours as well.

If you have Ox gallstones you want to sell, you have found the right business partner.

In the past we used to visit Cyprus for collecting Gallstones from our suppliers.

But in the recent years due to the advancement of technology in money transfer such as TT and electronic email. We don’t need to travel anymore.

Occasionally some of our suppliers from Cyprus bring their own Gallstones to our office in Hongkong or France.

Ask any experienced Ox gallstones supplier in Cyprus about our company, you will only hear good news about us.

We pay according to the market price of that day. No tricks, No cheating.

Our suppliers love us for this because we are very ethical and professional in our business undertakings.

We pay our suppliers in 24 hours upon receiving the goods.

If you want to sell Gallstones to us, just sign up with your email, phone number and picture of Gallstones and we will start talking business straight away!

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We prefer to buy 100g and up of well dried good quality natural Ox gallstones. We don’t buy artificial Ox gallstones or any other animal gallstones.

If you prefer to come to our office physically in Hongkong or France send us an email or phone call for communication.

If you prefer to send us the goods by courier such as DHL, EMS, Fedex follow below 2 simple steps:

  • Step 1. Just sign up with your email tell us amount of your available goods, photos, bank details and the date you are planning to send us your gallstones for discussion about our buying price per gram.
  • Step 2. After sending the goods by DHL/EMS/Fedex send us the tracking number of the goods.

Once we receive the goods we will send you the payment and email notification within 24 hours. We pay you according to the market price of that day. So you will always get the best market price with us.

We work on a mutual benefit setting, so if the market is good, our buying price will reflect that as well. No cheating, No tricks.

Let us talk about our long term Ox gallstones business.